Jackpotjoy Lotto

Jackpotjoy Lotto is another fabulous initiative by the Jackpotjoy.com to entertain UK players and offer them a chance to place a bet on the outcome of the UK lottery. Yes, that’s true fans of the UK Lottery and Lotto – Jackpotjoy offers yet another way to become a millionaire every week in the UK.

Jackpotjoy Lotto is a weekly promotion and occurs between 00:00 (GMT) on Monday until 18:59 (GMT) on Saturday each week. To participate in Jackpotjoy Lotto promotion you need to buy at least one ticket for each game – Wednesday and Saturday. The Jackpotjoy Lotto prize pool of £1000 will be split between 200 winners and the chosen winners will receive £5 after 17:00 on the following Monday. It is as simple as that.

Jackpotjoy LottoEligibility

To be eligible to place a bet on Jackpotjoy Lotto you must be a registered real money player, over 18 years of age, have an address in UK and be in UK.

Payment of Winnings

Jackpotjoy Lotto offers multiple winnings opportunities to the members. Jackpotjoy will pay an amount equal to the winnings that any holder of the corresponding numbers in the UK lottery would get paid.

Members can win based on the following

  1. Match all 6 numbers
  2. Match 5 number plus bonus ball
  3. Match 5 numbers
  4. Match 4 numbers
  5. Match 3 numbers

Jackpotjoy will credit the winnings to your jackpotjoy.com account with 24 hours of the UK lottery draw. But you will be able to withdraw only after the verification and KYC has been done. Best is to have a proof of UK address, Age ready with you. The payouts are governed by the Jackpot Prize Terms And Conditions. You should spend some time to read these in order to avoid heart burns later.

How to play Jackpotjoy Lotto

  1. Simply select 6 numbers (between 1–49) or select a random selection of different numbers with a Lucky Pick and place a £1 bet.
  2. You will receive a confirmation of your bets ‘My Account’ section for each of your bets. Please check this in the My Account section of Jackpotjoy.com.
  3. The bets can be placed until 7 PM UK time on the day of the game. Bets placed after this deadline will be entered into the next game’s draw.
  4. Each bet costs £1 and there is a limit of £1000 worth of bets you can place per game.
  5. To check your bets, you can click on ‘View Your Tickets’ button in the Jackpotjoy lotto game console. If the draw doesn’t take place or is not officially announced, your bets are entered into the rescheduled draw or the next relevant draw.
  6. Once the bets are placed, you will not be able to cancel or amend your Bet.

Charities and payback to the society

Just by participating in the Jackpotjoy Lotto you have the opportunity to select your choice of 3 charities who would benefit from the proceeds of the Jackpotjoy Lotto. 10p of every bet/ ticket is donated to your nominated charity. Also jackpotjoy.com donates the profits from each bets to charity. Profit is defined as the value of all Bets received by the operator, minus the value of any winnings paid out, minus any tax and regulatory fees the operator needs to pay and minus any insurance costs the operator may incur.

Scenarios – winning combinations and respective payout by Jackpotjoy

Winning at Jackpotjoy Lotto is simple and the scenarios are simple too. If there are same number of winners of the Jackpotjoy Lotto jackpot as well as the UK lottery jackpot, winners get an identical payout as the UK Lottery. If there are one or more winners of the Jackpotjoy Lotto jackpot but no winner(s) of the UK lottery jackpot, then the Jackpotjoy Lotto winners still get paid the prize money. Please refer to row 3 & 4 of the table below to get an idea of how the prize money is split in case of multiple winners.

The key point to note is that Jackpotjoy Lotto jackpot guarantees winning prizes to the bet holders in any eventuality.

UK lottery Jackpot value No. of UK lottery Winners UK lottery Payout Per Winner No. of Jackpotjoy Lotto Jackpot Winners UK lottery Payout Per Winner
£8,000,000 1 £8,000,000 1 £8,000,000
£8,000,000 2 £4,000,000 2 £4,000,000
£8,000,000 0 £0 1 £8,000,000
£8,000,000 0 £0 4 £2,000,000
£8,000,000 5 £1,600,000 2 £1,600,000
£8,000,000 2 £4,000,000 3 £2,666,666


It is important to note that neither Jackpotjoy, nor Profitable Play Limited are lottery operators and are not affiliated to or authorised by Camelot UK Lotteries Limited or by The National Lottery Commission to sell lottery tickets. Jackpotjoy just allows its members to bet on the outcome of the lotteries.